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1. Which of the following are continuous random variables? (select all that apply)

a. The distance a person has walked in a day
b. How many glasses of water a person consumes in a day
c. The number of steps a person has walked in a day
d. The time it takes someone to tie their shoes
e. The speed of a car on a Phoenix freeway during rush hour traffic

2. Which of the following variable(s) would be considered a discrete random variable? (Select all that apply)

a. The number of students who bring their lunch to school instead of eating what the cafeteria serves.
b. The number races a race car driver competes in during a given year.
c. The average speed of a race car during a given race.
d. The time it takes a student to finish his/her lunch.
e. The cost of a statistics textbook

1. a, b, d, e ?
2. a, b, e ?

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