Methyl violet is an indicator that changes color over a range from pH=0 to pH=1.6. What is the Ka of methyl violet?

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  1. The average of (0 + 1.6/2) = 0.8; therefore,
    pKa = 0.8

  2. u forgot to convert it to Pka .. its Ka value not Pka .. it should be 0.16 which is wrong .. i don't knw y ..

  3. No, I didn't forget to convert it. Surely you can calculate Ka if you have the pKa. And pKa of 0.8 is correct. You may not have the correct number of significant figures or you may not have rounded properly but I stand by my 0.8 = pKa.

  4. Nick Hoins and Demi Higgins PDA way too much in school!!!

  5. hector.. that is unnecessary and inappropriate. glad to know we make it on a homework help site.

  6. dr bob you are wrong.
    You got the correct pka value, but you need to take the anti log of that value to get Ka.

    Answer is 0.158

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