Hi. I got some confusing info in regards to #23

23. When legal issues have arisen out of foreign policy disputes between the President and Congress, the Supreme Court has generally _________.
A. favored Congress
B. favored the President
C. refused to intervene
D. interpreted the Constitution quite literally

Is it B or D. I tend to go for B Help

36. Which of the following is NOT true of foreign aid
A. It can consist of military equipment
B. Most foreign aid money must be used to buy foreign goods and services
C. It is most frequently offered to countries that are most critical to the realization of this country's foreign policy
D. It has been used to foster major policies, such as containment.

It's B, right?

I would definitely go with B on #36.

On this#23 on I tend to agree with Bobpursley's answer of support the president. Did you check that site he gave you?

Thanks. I did so I'll rely on Bob.

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  1. no

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