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Why is it important to use more than one source when you research?(1 point)

Having more sources makes your writing more enjoyable to readers.

Having more sources means that your writing is more dependable.

Using multiple sources allows you to discuss more than one topic.

Using multiple sources allows you to view a range of perspectives.

Which statement is an example of an emotional appeal?(1 point)

There are billions of reasons why you should believe in aliens.

All chickens peck at people in order to protect their entire flock.

Strawberry ice cream is far better than mint chocolate ice cream.

You should clean your room because I will not be able to sleep.

Which description is true of parenthetical phrases or clauses?(1 point)

they are nonessential

they contain the subject

they separate subjects and verbs

they are necessary

Is an article Tara found on Wikipedia about the singer from her favorite band a credible source for her paper?(1 point)

Yes, because articles on wikis have clear titles.

Yes, because the information in the wiki article seems right.

No, because information on wikis can be edited by anyone.

No, because wikis are a source found on the internet.

After reading a text about the patterns of migratory birds, Walter decides to write in his notebook to reflect on what he learned.

Determine which reading strategy Walter uses in this scenario.

(1 point)


drawing illustrations


asking questions

Lani was writing a report about Vikings that discussed their style of dress. She included a description about how they would wear horns on their helmets. However, she soon discovered through research that this piece of information was false and not supported by any real information.

What has Lani discovered during her research?

(1 point)


an opinion

a misconception

an understanding

To research the conditions on Mount Everest, Adrienne used a digital text. While reading through this text, she was able to find a clip showing a group of climbers on the mountain and how difficult their journey was.

Determine what Adrienne was able to find in the digital text that allowed her to gather more information.

(1 point)

a video

an animation

a hyperlink

an interactive

How do headings help readers gain a deeper understanding of the text?(1 point)

Headings help readers to organize a sequence of events.

Headings help readers by guiding them through the text.

Headings help to determine relationships or proportions.

Headings helps readers identify the meanings of words.

“I never expected to become a dentist so soon after I got my law degree, but having both is a blessing,” said Lucas Evergreen.

Which is the best paraphrase of the quote?

(1 point)

Lucas Evergreen is happy he has both a dental and a law degree.

Lucas Evergreen is surprised to be both a dentist and a lawyer.

Lucas Evergreen never expected to become a dentist so soon after becoming a lawyer.

Lucas Evergreen never expected to become a dentist so soon after becoming a lawyer, but having both is great.

Which media format would be the most effective to use to include some of Louis Armstrong’s music in a project about the famous musician?(1 point)

a collage

an essay

a diagram

a radio program

Most games that are played with a standard deck of playing cards are called trick games. In such a game, each player will take a turn playing a card, and whoever plays the winning card takes them all. These cards make up a trick, which the winner puts face-side down in a stack before playing the first card for the next round.

Would the information in the text be an effective source to help answer the research question “What are the most popular magic tricks?”

(1 point)

No, because magic tricks that use playing cards are unpopular.

Yes, because the source is written by an expert on the subject.

No, because the source is about card games instead of magic tricks.

Yes, because the source explains a type of trick.

Which strategy should you use if your research question is too broad for the scope of your project?(1 point)

use the very first source you find for your project

change the scope of your project

add another research question

narrow the focus of research question

Fran Cole, Climbing Mount Hope, 2017, pages 22-40

Which term is the entry an example of?

(1 point)


bibliographic information


a research question

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