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1. How do we determine te quadratic function given its table of values?

2. How can we use the general form or standard form of quadratic function to determine the quation of a quadratic function?

3. When can use quadratic function in modeling real-life problems?

4. How can we use quadratic function's vertex in solving maximization or minimization problems?

5. What are the important mathematical concepts in problem solving involving quadratic function, and how are these concepts being used to solve problems?

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1 answer

  1. #1. use 3 points to determine the coefficients
    #2. ?? Those are two different ways to express the equation
    #3. ?? when the values are related in a quadratic manner
    #4. the vertex is either the minimum or maximum
    #5. better google the topic. It will provide many discussions and examples.

    in fact, google is the best place to turn to for such general questions.

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