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are social insects whose colony
consists of three distinct forms of bees:
queens, drones, and workers. Each colony
may have a population of 30,000 to 60,000
The sole purpose of the queen is to lay
eggs, up to 1500 eggs in a single day. In
preparation for this, the queen is fed special
nutritious food called
"royal jelly.
A drone is larger than the queen and
exists to mate with the young queens. There
are only a few hundred drones in each
The rest of the colony consists of workers.
The workers are aptly named because they
do all the work. The workers must care for
the queen, maintain the hive, gather nectar
and pollen, and convert the nectar to honey.
The life span of a worker depends upon the
amount of work it does. The more energy it
expends, the sooner it dies.
Honey or beeswax production is not
significant to the agricultural industry in
terms of monetary return. The value of
honeybees lies in their role as pollinators for
over 50 agricultural crops. Pollination is
estimated to produce around 20 times the
revenue produced by beeswax or honey.

All of the following duties are performed by the worker bees EXCEPT

A. Cleaning the hive

B. Grooming the queen.

C Pollinating flowers

D Producing honey

E fertilizing Eggs

I picked letter B. If someone can please correct me in the answer that would be amazing. Thank you.

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