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There are several fundamental principles

that can be used to explain much about the
characleristics of electric circuits.
Electric currents consist of electrons
carrying charges. Electric charges carry
energy. I is the energy transported by these
charges that can power appliances and do
useful work. Energy is conserved; it is
neilher created nor destroyed. However,
energy can be transferred from place to
place. What one part of the system loses,
another part gains.
An electric current releases heat to the
wire in which it is traveling. A fuse is
sensitive to he heat released and will break
the circuit if the current generates too much
heat. An insulator prevents an electric current
from moving. Good insulators are rubber,
glass, a dry cloth, and dry air..
Liquids with dissolved particles will
conduct an electric current; living things that
are composed of water with dissolved
particles are, therefore, good conductors.

Why is it dangerous to replace a fuse with a wire that bypasses the fuse?

A the wire may jam in the fuse holder and the current would shut off.

B The wire may not melt and break if an unsafe current is produced.

C The meter reading may not be as accurate as it would be if a good fuse were used

D The lamps may burn so brightly that they will burn out.

E They utility company must authorize any changes to a circuit.

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2 answers

  1. I think it is (1)

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  2. The correct answer is B. The fuse consists of a low melting point metal that will conduct electricity. If too much current flows through it the metal will get hot and melt. In doing so the circuit is broken, electricity quits flowing, and the associated circuit is rendered safe. A fuse is a safety device. If the fuse, designed to melt in unsafe current flows, is bypassed with a wire of unknown properties, it may not melt at all. Or it may melt way too soon. In other words the unknown wire will not be an effective fuse. You want the fuse to be able to conduct electricity as long as the conditions are safe but to shut things down under unsafe conditions.

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