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2) a water balloon is thrown toward a target at 18 m/s. If the water balloon has a mass of 0.4 kg, what is its momentum?

A) 7.2 kg • m/s
B) 18.4 kg • m/s
C) 45 kg • m/s
D) 7.2 kg • m

3) what is the momentum of a car with a mass of 2,000 kg moving at a constant velocity of 20 m/s

A) 0 kg • m/s
B) 100 kg • m/s
C) 40,000 kg • m/s
D) 0.01 kg • m/s

4) a large metal ball is at rest and a small rubber ball is moving at a high velocity. When they collide, the large metal ball begins to roll slowly. What must have happened to the momentum of the small rubber ball?

A) it must have decreased
B) it must have become zero
C) it must have stayed the same
D) it must have increased

5) if an astronaut in space pushes off the satellite she is working on, what will happen to her if there are no other acting external forces?

A) she will eventually slow down and come to a stop
B) she will continuously speed up
C) she will periodically change direction
D) she will move in the same direction at the same speed forever

6) which situation best represent a closed environment
A) two balls colliding in deep space
B) two balls colliding under water
C) two balls colliding in mid air
D) two balls colliding in a pool table

7)which force, in real life will have the least effect on a bowling ball rolling down a lane toward bowling pins

A) magnetism
B) gravity
C) friction
D) air resistance

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  1. I didn’t put 1 cuz i already got it but I don’t understand the others

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  2. i know this sounds weird but in order to help you i need o know the first Question

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  3. @We have found you bruh are you

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  4. yall dont know anything

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