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What is a nonrenewable resource? (1 point)

a resource that harms the environment when it is used

a resource that is used for energy

a resource that is in limited supply

a resource that can replace itself quickly

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4 answers

  1. Google that.

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  2. 1) What is a nonrenewable resource?
    - answer: a resource that is in limited supply

    2) Coal is a very useful rock that formed over millions of years from the remains of plants. Is coal a mineral?
    - answer: No, coal is not a mineral because coal is made of dead plants.

    3) Which is a negative aspect of fossil fuels?
    - answer: They cause pollution on Earth.

    4) Which fossil fuel is considered the most abundant in the United States?
    - answer: coal

    5) Which statement best explains an environmental outcome of using fossil fuels for energy?
    - answer: When fossil fuels are burned, they release toxic gases into the air that cause pollution and increase global warming.

    6) A farmer wants to properly manage her soil to prevent a situation like the Dust Bowl. What is the best way to manage the soil?
    - answer: allow plants such as grass to root in it

    7) Why is soil considered a vital resource?
    - answer: It plays a variety of roles for plants and animals.

    8) Which describes a renewable energy resource?
    - answer: It produces less pollutants than fossil fuels.

    9) Which has been the primary source of energy in the most recent century?
    - answer: petroleum, natural gas, and coal

    10) Use the scenario to answer the question.
    Edwin buys a water bottle, reuses it twice, and then recycles it. Eleanor buys a water bottle, reuses it twelve times, and then throws it away.
    Which energy cost would apply to Edwin, but not to Eleanor?
    - answer: the cost of processing the bottle after it was no longer used

    11) Your class goes on a field trip to observe drilling machinery. The geologists at the drill site show you displays of drilled rocks to compare different types of drills and methods. The drilled holes in one rock display are significantly larger than the holes drilled in the display next to it. Given this information, which statement is correct?
    - answer: The rock display with larger holes shows petroleum drilling, which is deep underground.

    12) Ocean waves are a source of energy. In 1–2 sentences, make and justify a claim about whether ocean waves are a renewable or nonrenewable resource.
    - answer: renewable because it's from wind, and wind also lasts a long time and also is a renewable source. [ reword this so you don't get caught ]

    13) In three to five sentences, explain the effects of acid rain on the environment.
    - answer: Acid rain affects the environment by hurting trees, water which can hurt and damage fish in lakes and also hurt plants from aluminum getting into the soil. [ reword this so you don't get caught ]

    14) Larger companies often need many workers who do different steps in the transportation process, instead of each member doing all steps in the process they do a single step before handing it to another worker to do the next step. Imagine that you are the head of a large company that wants to retrieve raw materials. In three to five sentences, describe three different jobs your company may need and explain the purpose of those jobs.

    - answer: My company's first thing to do is get the raw materials is make sure there's no harm in them then you can use the raw materials to make something then you my company will box them, then we will import them and export them across seas, land, etc. [ reword this so you don't get caught ]

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