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Place the phases of a stem cell into the correct order.

A. mitosis, gene expression, differentiation
B. gene expression, differentiation, mitosis
C. differentiation, mitosis, specialization ***
D. mitosis, specialization, gene expression

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4 answers

  1. Mitosis Unit Test 2021
    Q1: Based on your observations, how many cells are in anaphase?

    Q2: Place the phases of a stem cell into the correct order.
    mitosis, gene expression, differentiation

    Q3; What general type of cell do fibroblasts make?

    Q4; During mitosis, what happens to the parent cell?
    It produces 2 daughter cells

    Q5; In which phase of mitosis do the chromosomes line up along the center of the cell?

    Q6; Immediately after an embryo forms, it begins to replicate new cells. What is the most likely type of cells that form during the first few divisions?
    totipotent cells

    Q7; Why is mitosis a longer and more complicated process of cell division than binary fission?
    Mitosis has check points that must be met to continue the cycle

    Q8; Some differentiated cells become senescent almost immediately, leaving the cell cycle and undergoing terminal differentiation. Other cells have a high need to proliferate in order to grow and repair the organ or tissue, so they do not enter senescence for a long period of time. Which cell type would be most likely to put off senescence and terminal differentiation so it could continue to replicate in order to grow and repair?
    skin cells

    Q9; When scientists and doctors are looking to heal wounds and cure diseases, stem cells are a great option because they can repair damage and grow new specialized cells. From the list, which type of stem cell would be the best option for healing the widest variety of diseases?
    embryonic stem cells

    Q10; What is the importance of microtubules in cell division?
    They organize and pull the chromosomes apart.

    Q11; How is cell differentiation different than mitosis?
    Cell differentiation produces cells with different gene expressions.

    Q12; "Use the image to answer the question." Which type of cell is shown in the figure?
    diploid cell

    Q13; "Use the image to answer the question." What is a strength in the figure?
    The figure shows where mitosis occurs in the cell cycle.

    Q14-17 are your own paragraphs :)

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  2. A. Mitosis, Gene expression, differentiation

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  3. bingus is 100% right

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  4. thx! but I had some extra questions lol.

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