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Hello guys ! I just finished the connections academy Art Quick Check assessment. Lesson name is: " Proportion" I got 100% here are the answers. ✨‍

1. The definition of proportion indicates that these two cats are.
A. Drawn incorrectly.

B. Mother and Child

C. The same age.

D. An optical illusion.

The answer is B.

2. With this image, the artist.

A. kept an equal balance between the size of the fork and the size of the surrounding buildings.

B. Manipulated proportion to create a fork too small for traditional setting.

C. Used appropriate proportion to create a fork that was the correct size for human use.

D. Manipulated proportion to create an exaggerated fork when compared to traditional size.

The answer is D.

3. With this image, the artist utilized the theory of proportion by.

A. Keeping the objects in the background in the foreground all the same size.

B. Making the object in the foreground appear smaller.

C. Making the object in the foreground appear larger.

D. Having the image looking down from the sky.

The answer is C.

4. The proportion of the bee the flower

A. Is the correct way that it would be seen in nature.

B. Is off balance making the bee appear large.

C. Is off balance making the bee appear small.

D. Makes the flower appear to be smaller than the bee.

The answer is A.

5. Proportion is.

A. The use or combination of the elements of art to provide interest in artwork.

B. The full space that an object occupies.

C. The size of an object as compared to another object.

D. The repetition of lines, shapes, or colors in a consistent manner.

The answer is C. Have a nice day ​

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