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Evaluate each function over the domain {-1,0,1,2}. As the values of the domain increase, do the values of the function increase of decrease?

1. y = 3^x

2.y = 3(1/5)^x

^These are the listed equations.

I really need help with this question, cause I am really lost. Could someone help me solve these and write a step by step explanation on how? Thank you!


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1 answer

  1. just plug in the domain values.
    3^-1 = 1/3
    3^0 = 1
    and so on

    For the function y=b^x, then as x increases
    if b > 1, y increases, just as with compound interest
    If b < 1, y decreases, as with radioactive decay

    The graphs in your text should show this quite clearly.

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