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Modeling Body Systems Quick Check

1.)What is the role of the nervous system in digestion? (question)
~ to provide electrical signals to initiate peristalsis (answer)

2.)You are building a birdhouse when you cut your finger. Predict which body systems would be immediately involved with your reaction to the cut. (question)
~ nervous system, circulatory system, integumentary system (answer)

3.)The pizza that you ate for lunch is being digested. Summarize what happens to it in your stomach. (question)
~ The pizza is churned, mixing it with digestive enzymes and gastric acid. (answer)

4.) Summarize the nervous system’s influence on the respiratory system.(question)
~ It controls muscle contraction (answer)

5.) Muscular dystrophy is a neuromuscular disease that weakens a person’s muscles. Infer which main body systems would be involved in this disease? (question)
~ -nervous, muscular, and skeletal (answer)

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