Drag and drop the words into the correct locations. (1 point)

Put responses in the correct input to answer the question. Select a response, navigate to the desired input and insert the response. Responses can be selected and inserted using the space bar, enter key, left mouse button or touchpad. Responses can also be moved by dragging with a mouse.
By analyzing the Response area of a paragraph, you will see how the author develops and refines key concepts. A Response area is an important topic for the reader to understand. Some sentences may Response area, or add information to the concept. Others may Response area, or clarify it.

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  5. Q1. Structure, key concepts, develop, refine (all in order)
    Q2. By providing information on the environmental impacts of recycling.
    Q3. with historical information
    Q4. When the text is complex

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  18. Impacts of Metal Resources Quiz
    For 10 question quiz

    1) The trend in the graph indicates that by 2026 the world's mine production of copper will *increase*.
    2) Compared to the process of extracting lithium from mineral deposits, the process of extracting lithium from evaporation ponds requires*more*water, *less*money, and *more* time.
    3) What is the goal of land reclamation of mining sites? *to restore environmental vitality to land degraded from mining*
    4) Which term refers to the way light interacts with the surface of a rock or mineral? *luster*
    5) aluminum *open-pit*
    tin *placer*
    copper *open-pit & underground*
    6) resistant to corrosion *advantage*
    durable *advatage & disadvantage*
    more rare than aluminum *disadvantage*
    7) How can both surface and underground mining affect miners' health? Select the two correct answers. *risk of injuries from heavy equipment & risk of lung disease, like silicosis*
    8) What will happen in an area where large deposits of a desired mineral are found? Select the two correct answers. *The area will experience a downturn once all of the available resources are mined. & The area will experience a short-term economic boom.*
    9) The use of which material can substitute for copper and reduce copper mine production? *aluminum*
    10) Which statements accurately compare the environmental impact of surface mining to the environmental impact of underground mining? Select the two correct answers. *Both surface mining and underground mining risk causing severe water pollution. & Surface mining causes more destruction of land ecosystems than underground mining.*
    100% correct took quiz
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  25. Developing Narratives Quick Check Answers(8th grade, LANG ARTS 3, ADV)

    1: Slowing down, Speeding up
    2: Show, Tell
    3: Moving across the country and starting over at a new school taught me that challenges we are faced with in life make us stronger.


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  28. 1. alliteration

    2.B. a word that imitates the actual sound that's it is describing

    3.C.The pretty purple petals of the flowers made the arrangement beautiful

    4.A.the feisty friends finished the race in record time

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