How do u find similar figures when using a proportion?'cause I don't get it dude.

**EXAMPLE-On two sides-72m
On the other 2-45m
The next one says
On one side-50m
On the other- 80m
Determine whether they are similar.
I don't get it. Please help!

it takes robert three fifth of an hour to ride his bike between his house and his aunts house.if he needs to ride from his house to his aunts house and then back home about how long will it take him

what sides correspond?


like you know in a traingle when there 3 sides and one long side one shorter side and one shortest
well in the 2 figures whne your trying to find if a figure is similar you have to make sure the sides your comapring ar alike in size menaing there corresponding
soo which sides go togeher

oh. um.....ok. Well there are numbers and how do you know the total equality of the sides?

i thought you were asking about proportions lol

weny needs 2 thirds yard of blue felt and one 12 yard of red feltto make a banner how much felt in yards does he need

Do the proportion:

72/45 as ? 80/50

check the numbers:
8*9/5*9 as? 8*10/5*10
and it checks, 8/5 on both sides.

Well I kinda am asking about proportions and similar figures. But also finding out the proportions to see if both triangles are similar. Do u get it.... I sure don't!

ok THE DUDE stop trying to impersonate me and next, Sara was on the right track.

i do not know!!!!

find x
short side=10
long side=16
find value for x

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