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The plants are eaten by the consumers at the first level, such as a rat, nuthatch, frog, butterfly, squirrel, and deer. The consumers at the second level, such as the ringtail, whiptail, eagle, jackrabbit, and pine marten eat the consumers at the first level. The consumers at the third level, such as the wolf, mountain lion, and cat eat the consumers at the second level. Some of the consumers at the first level are also eaten by consumers at the third level.

Of the animals in the bottom row, which one is most likely to be a keystone species?

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So guys this is a test that I don’t know the answers for and I truly need you to help pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

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  1. I was expecting at least one person. PEOPLEZ Really?!

  2. Deer

  3. what are the answers for the whole test? Unit 4 lesson 13
    biodiversity unit test

  4. Ok yall, i'll try to complete the test, and i'll update with the answers. Give me like a day or so.

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