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1.If you mande a model of the solar system with the Earth. The size of a tennis ball [about 6.5c.m in diameter]

How big would your model of the sun be?

2.How far away from the tennis ball Earth would your model Sum be.If you kept the size and distance to scale?

Since the Sun's Diameter is 110 times Earth's diameter, you will have to get a REALLY huge balloon to precisely represent the difference in size. May I suggest using something smaller for Earth, like a penny or a gumball, perhaps. Then you would still need a pertty big ball to represent the sun, but it's getting closer.

2. If you did use a tennis ball for the Earth, the properly scaled distance to the sun would be
(93*10^6 miles)x(6.5x^-10^-2 m/6400x10^3 m) = 940 miles

what object in the solar system has a composition similar to the gas giants

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