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Using a ruler and a pair of compasses only, construct triangle xyz, such that xy=6cn, xz=8cm, yz=10cm Construct the mediator of line yz and of line xz

bi) construct the mediator of the line YZ and XZ
ii) Locate 0 the point of intersection of the mediator of line YZ and XZ
iv) with the center 0 and radius 0Y, drawn a circle
C) Measure the radius of the circle you have drawn in (b) above
(d) calculate the area of your circle
(e) calculate also the circumference of the circle. Take (x = 3.14)

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1 answer
  1. You have a 6-8-10 right triangle.
    if you can construct a right angle, you can do this.
    To do a right angle, construct a perpendicular bisector.

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