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Your prompt: Think of the areas of science we have studied so far in 6th grade... What kind of scientist would you be and why?

What you MUST include What you MAY include
- A title

- What field of science you would study

- What a day in the life might look like as this scientist

- Why you chose to be this kind of scientist

- What things you would want to accomplish as this scientist

- What it would take to become this scientist

You will need to write using your Marker. No Typing your response.

Your writing must be AT LEAST 1 PAGE or no credit will be given.

Title :

Prompt :

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1 answer
  1. Why would you think anyone here could help you with this question. We have no idea what areas you have studied, what your interest are, now any of the other details you need to answer this question. This is a PERSONAL question. Only you can answer it.

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