Does anyone know of a nation that is on the northwestern border of France- not Britain or Ireland?

I think it could be Belgium, Normandy, or Switzerland.

1) Normandy is part of France.
Check this map. What country is directly on the northwest border of France?

Normandy is a part of France -- on its western coast. Switzerland is east of France. Check this map.

I can't believe I'm having such a tough time with this!

Could it be the UK or England then?

I think your question is wrong. The UK (England) is clearly northwest of France. But it doesn't border France and the Germans didn't go through the UK to invade France. The Germans did go through Belgium which borders France on the Northeast.

Yeah, that's what my dad said when I asked him. He thought the question should have said northeast too, and the answer then would be Belgium. I'll just ask my teacher tomorrow if that was a typo or not. Thank you for your time and help, I appreciate it.

Brie, if you LOOK at a map of France, the English Channel is directly on the WEST coast; Germany is on the EASTERN border of France. NORTHEAST between Germany and France is Belgium and then the Netherlands (Holland). Due WEST across the Channel is England. And if you go even farther WEST you will come to the United States. You have your East and West mixed up.

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  1. 10 years late but Switzerland

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