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Why would someone choose to get long term disability insurance even if they already have health insurance?

Long term disability only covers medical bills, while health insurance will help compensate for lost work with 40-60% of their income.
Long term disability insurance plans can also extend coverage to family members and pets.
Health insurance only covers regular check ups, while long term disability insurance also covers emergencies.
Health insurance only covers medical bills, while long term disability will help compensate for lost work with 40-60% of their income.*

Which of the following is the best alternative plan to purchasing cell phone insurance?

Buy 2 of the same phone so that you have a backup phone in case the original breaks or needs replacement.
Trust that your auto insurance will cover any damages to your phone.
Never use your cell phone outside of your house so it is less prone to being damaged, lost, or stolen
Put aside money that is equal to the monthly premium in a savings account, in case of phone repairs or replacement.*

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