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Which of the following are true statements about the mayor in a strong mayor-council form of government? Select all that apply. (2 points)

a.ceremonial in nature
b.often holds veto power
c.elected official*
d.appointed by the city council*

3. Which word is another term for city? (1 point)


4. What is the purpose of special districts? (1 point)

a.To create city charters for unincorporated communities
b.To extend a city’s boundaries to include adjoining areas
c.To provide a general-purpose form of government
d.To provide a single service or perform a specific function*

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2 answers
  1. the first one i think is elected official and veto power 3rd is municipality 4 is to provide a single service or platform a specific function

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  2. the first one is veto power and appointed by the council srry

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