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1. For the 1st order reaction whose rate law constant, k, is 1.5x10-3s-1, t½ is

a. 7.7 minutes ***
b. 462 minutes
c. 6.5 minutes
d. 4.5 minutes

2. If the half-life of a 1st order reaction is 137 minutes, k=
a. 8.43x10-5s-1
b. 11,900 s-1
c. 5.06x10-3s-1 ***
d. 198 s-1

3. About what fraction of the original radioactive sample will be left after an hour? The half-life of the radioisotope is 15 minutes.
a. a sixteenth ***
b. an eighth
c. a quarter
d. half

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