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Lesson 4: Wrapping Up the Unit

MS Journalism Unit 6: Preparing a Newscast
Answers pls

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2 answers
  1. do you know the answers for lesson 4 unit 5 wrapping it up

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  2. Girl stop lying to people you made my sister a 2 or 3 out of 15 y’all the real answers for: Journalism wrapping up Lesson unit(2) answers are:

    1.) D. All of the above.
    2.) B. Wiretapping
    3.) C. Tell me about yourself.
    4.) D. Both a and b
    5.) A. The source is believable.
    6.) A. To present a story that contains all the facts and appeals to readers
    7.) A. a roofing company using shoddy materials in repairs
    8.) A. a letter written by a criminal while in jail
    9.) A. To make their stories more credible
    10.) C. Riding rides and eating food at a festival
    11.) B. False
    12.) B. False
    13.) C. They are true and unbiased.
    14.) B. False
    15.) B. Tell me about…

    Who ever gave my sister a bad grade is a phony🤡 !!!

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