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Write a pseudocode that will accept items bought by a customer and place them in the

appropriate class based on amounts calculated for the bill.
Discounts are applied as follows:
Silver – 1%
Gold – 5%
Platinum – 10%
Tax on Home Products and Appliances is 20%. A general Consumption tax of 17.5% is
to be applied to all grocery items.
The program should accept all items purchased by the customer, place them in the
appropriate class, and calculate discount and tax. A final bill should be output, displaying
items purchased, tax applied to the items based on the typed of product purchased and
total to be paid by customer. Also, display a header on the bill showing the name of the
store, address, telephone number, date of purchase and cashier’s name.

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4 answers
  1. ghdhcbcixgkwyf

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  2. I need help with that same question

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  3. DECLARE storeName to Shop Choice
    DECLARE storeAddress to Lot 22 Catherine Hall Drive, Montego Bay, St. James
    DECLARE telephone to 8762345678
    DECLARE discount
    DECLARE cashierName, todaysDate, class
    DECLARE hpaTax to 0.2
    DECLARE genconTax to 0.175
    DECLARE itemName
    DECLARE productType
    DECLARE total
    DECLARE discountTotal
    DECLARE finalBill

    DISPLAY “Enter the name of cashier for today”
    READ cashierName
    DISPLAY “Enter today’s date”
    READ todaysDate
    DISPLAY “Enter name of item(s) you are purchasing”
    READ itemName
    DISPLAY “Enter your total bill for the item”
    READ total
    IF total >= 1 and <= 10000
    class = Silver
    discountTotal = total – (total * 0.01)
    ELSE IF total >= 10001 and <= 20000
    class = Gold
    discountTotal = total – (total * 0.05)
    ELSE IF total >= 20001
    class = Platinum
    discountTotal = total – (total * 0.1)
    DISPLAY “Your discounted total is:” discountTotal
    DISPLAY “Enter the type of product purchased. Appliance or Grocery”
    READ productType
    IF productType = Appliance
    finalBill = discountTotal + (hpaTax * discountTotal)
    finalBill = discountTotal + (genconTax * discountTotal)
    DISPLAY “Your final bill is:” finalBill
    DISPLAY storeName
    DISPLAY storeAddress
    DISPLAY telephone
    DISPLAY todaysDate
    DISPLAY cashierName
    DISPLAY “Your item(s) purchased is:” itemName
    DISPLAY “Your discounted total is:” discountTotal
    DISPLAY “Your final bill with tax is:” finalBill
    DISPLAY “Your class is:” class
    DISPLAY “Thank you for shopping with us!!!”


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  4. how would you create a flow chart from that code

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