Lesson 4: Structure of Cultural Literature

Language Arts 7 A Unit 9: Cultural Literacy

Structure of Cultural Literature Quick Check
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Assessment started: Structure of Cultural Literature Quick Check.
Item 1
What type of heritage language do people whose families are native to America speak?(1 point)

indigenous language

colonial language

influenced language

immigrant language
I need all the answers

14 answers

  1. indigenous language

  2. B, indigenous language
    D, Anneke's family arrived in the US within the last two centuries
    B, She is lazy.
    B, They use structures that will be familiar to modern readers

  3. letters were wrong but the word answers right I got 100% thx aaa123456789

  4. Sometimes schools will flip the letters around

  5. aaa123456789 is correct thanks for the 100%

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  10. new answers,
    problem and solution
    The rider is thirsty, and there is no water.
    She is lazy.
    They still use structures that will be familiar to modern readers.


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