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APPROXIMATELY, how much galloons of gas would it take to drive 4.4 miles? Does not have to be exact, just an idea....

The answer would depend on the average number of miles per gallon the vehicle gets. It might also depend on the road and weather conditios (going up or down mountains, e.g., or driving in rain or against the wind.)
If the vehicle gets say 20mpg on level ground in clear conditions, then 4.4/20 or .22 gallons would be required. But if another vehicle gets say 15mpg under the same conditions then 4.4/15 or approx. .27gal would be needed. In general miles/mpg = gallons needed.
Does this help?

sure, that answers it, for sure. But, forgive my ignorance, I need further explanation. I am trying to figure out how much to pay someone for driving my son to school. It is 4.4 mi round trip. This round trip will be made two days a week. How much should I pay the person for a months worth of driving? I'm sorry I am so "un-math" minded! It doesn't have to be exact, the driver doesn't even want to be payed, but I want to show how much I appreciate it, so just an approximate would be more than she expects...

I SO appreciate you helping me!!

Ok, 2 times a week would be at least 8 or possible 9 times a month.
If their vehicle gets say 16mpg(which I think is close to the median mpg), then 4.4/16 =.275 For 9 trips that's 2.475 gal. If we use 2.5 gal then just multiply the price of gas by that amount. I think the last number I heard for the national average was $2.80/gal. Thus 2.5*$2.80 = $7.00 exactly.

Forgive me for butting in but I think you should realize that gasoline is not the only thing the automobile burns. There are tires, parts, oil changes, brakes that wear out, etc into the night. This is usually known as "mileage" for a car or truck and usually inclues gasoline. Before I retired, I was paid 27 cents/mile when I drove my personal car instead of taking a company car. That figure probably has changed now. The IRS also allows a certain amount per mile, too, for charitable purposes and I think that is less.

It looks like I made an error on my 2nd example. It should be 4.4/15 which is approx. .29gal used. I think I had 4/15=.27g

Wow! Thank you for your help and your kindness.

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