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(1)John was nice looking, and he did well in school. (2) however, John was also known for having a volatile personality. (3) one day, when his track coach criticized him, John lost his temper. (4) he stormed back to the locker room muttering under his breath. (5) when the incident was reported to his parents, John was grounded for a week. (6) he was also required to write a letter of apology to his coach.

Which two sentences in the paragraph help you define the word volatile?

A. 2 and 3

B. 3 and 4 X

C. 4 and 6

D 1 and 6

2...Which of the following groups of words best defines the word volatile?

a. moody and thoughtful

b.tempermental and impulsive X

c.anxious and depressed

d. bad-tempered and mean

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  1. 1. I agree.

    2. I agree.

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