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I don't even know where to begin on this problem...

The function f(x) is an unshifted exponential function which goes through the oints (2,5) (3,4).
a)What is the equation for f(x)?
b)write f(10) and f(100).

If it's an exponential function then we know f(x)=a^x. The fact that it's unshifted means there's no constant term added to it. We also know that
(1) f(2)=c*a^2=5
(2) f(3)=c*a^3=4
Divide (2) by (1) to get a=4/5
Now put that in either to solve for c, thus
c*(4/5)^2=5 and solving for c we get c=125/16
Thus f(x)=(125/16)(4/5)^x
Test the values 2 and 3 for x to make sure they work.
Do you follow all the steps I did?

I had gotten 4/5 because a friend had started to explain it to me then the bell rang and I knew how I had gottne the4/5 but I was't sure what to do with it...thanks

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