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a vegetable garden is in the shape of a rectangle, surrounded by 296 feet of fence. the length of the garden is 61 feet more than twice the width of the garden. fins the dimensions of this garden

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1 answer
  1. l (length) = x + 61
    w (width) = x
    P (perimeter) = 296 ft = 2l ft + 2w ft = 2(x+61) ft + 2x ft = 4x ft + 122 ft
    4x = 296 ft - 122 ft = 174 ft
    x = 174 ft/4 = 87 ft/2 = 43.5 ft
    l = 43.5 ft + 61 ft = 104.5 ft
    w = 43.5 ft
    ur welcome :)

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