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Alexis reads 2/5 of her book on Monday then 1/2 of the remaining pages on Tuesday then 5/9 of the remaining pages on Wednesday the nthe remaining pages on Thursday plus reads 68 more pages on Tuesday then Wednednesday how many pages in the book

Have got a big one with this problem....well I have been taking notes and joting down solutions to every maths problem....I find helpful in this site but this one certainly hit me I was deeply Wondering

According to the problem as given, the remaining pages are read on Thursday, in other words Alexis finished the book. “Plus reads 68 more pages on Tuesday, then Wednesday how many pages in the book”?!?! So the book can have any number of pages, and Alexis reads 68 pages from some different book the following Tuesday and Wednesday? This problem doesn’t make sense- I’m surprised anyone understands it given it has no constraints on number of pages in the book!

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1 answer

  1. There are x pages in the book
    Monday, 2/5 x, leaving 3/5 x
    Tuesday, 1/2 * 3/5 x = 3/10 x, leaving 3/10 x
    Wednesday, 5/9 * 3/10 x = 1/6 x, leaving 2/15 x
    Now, Tuesday = Wednesday+68, so
    3/10 x = 2/15 x + 68

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