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At one instant, a current of 8.0 A flows through part of a circuit as shown in the figure below. Determine the instantaneous potential difference between points A and B if the current starts to decrease at a constant rate of 1.0 ✕ 102 A/s. (Assume that R = 1.5 Ω

and L = 5.3 mH. Assume current is flowing from point A to point B.)
(a) What is the emf across the inductor immediately after the switch is opened?
(b) When does the current in the resistor RB have a magnitude of 1.00 mA?

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  1. Sorry, can not link into your textbook to see the circuits.
    However just remember that the voltage V across and inductor is
    V = L di/dt
    and if there is NO change the inductor is just a fat wire with no resistance and in a sudden change the current through the inductor does not change instantaneously but the voltage does

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