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This article is Legend of Oedipus by Commonlit Staff

One question asked me what the theme of The Legend of Oedipus
I said free will and fate part B is asking for a quote the choices are

A. “Many years later, Oedipus is told by a drunk that Polybus is not his real father
but when he asks his parents, they deny it.” (Paragraph 5)
B. “They fight over who has the right to go first and Oedipus kills Laius in self
defense, unwittingly fulfilling part of the prophecy.” (Paragraph 6)
C. “Oedipus was the first to answer the riddle correctly. Having heard Oedipus’
answer, the Sphinx is astounded and inexplicably kills itself, freeing Thebes.”
(Paragraph 7)
D. “He is exiled from Thebes and spends the remainder of his life wandering the
desert.” (Paragraph 9)

I believe it is either B or D

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2 answers

  1. its b

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  2. Didn’t we already go over this?

    Which one? B? Or D?
    Which one includes BOTH “free will and fate,” as you indicated?

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