Vitamins that may cause toxicity if ingested in too large amounts are:

1.vitamin A,vitamin C, and thiamin
2.vitamin C, riboflavin, and thiamin
3.vitamin A,vitamin D,and pyridoxin(B6)
4.vitamin D,vitamin C, and B12

Doesn't vitamin A,vitamin D, and
pyridoxin(B6) cause toxicity if ingested in too large amounts?

My roommate says I am wrong.
She says vitamin D, vitamin C,and B12,
can cause toxicity if ingested in too
large amounts.

I say the correct answer is (C)
My roommate says its (D)
Which of us are correct?

Tell your roomate not to worry about Vitamin C. It has been shown to be toxic to cancer cells, which is a nice thing. Vitamin A, D, and B6 can be toxic in large amounts.

I think the correct is C.
I am pretty sure that vitamin A and vitamin D can cause greater toxicity than all the other vitamins if ingested in too large amount,but doesn't pyridoxin decrease the toxicity of the vitamin A and vitamin D in (C) if it's taken together?

Pauline is correct in that point. One toxic substance does reduce the toxicity of Vitamin A. I don't think the question was infering they are taken together.
Only mega vitamin users should be concerned with this. Normals like most folks wont come close to this level.

yep. a, d, and b6.

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  1. I just took a quiz with this exact same question and the answer is Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and B6.

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