I need help bringing up my grades. Some suggestion, if I don't my life will suck.

my science teacher said the best way to get your grades up is to turn in work. extra credit will help to.

Jordan is right. You need to change your habits, which is not easy. You need to make your study/school skills more efficient. Get with your mom, and go through this web site. She can help you do it.


That is the first time I have answered someone's question and gotten it correct

It always helps to approach your instructor...on your own...and ask what you could do to earn extra credit. Sometimes they will assign additional work for you to complete. Showing initiative and interest in your work and creating consistant study habits is the key to your success!!! Good Luck

Alexis is right that will also help to improve your grades.

Is it every subject? Or just one? Maybe if it's just one subject, we can think of a specific way to help with that one subject.

I think if you're spending a lot of time studying and working and still not getting the grades you want, it often has to do with HOW you study.

In textbooks, before you read them, read any questions in the back of the chapter. Then read the highlights of each chapter and write down a few questions about it. For example, if you see in bold print "Leaders in Ancient Greece," write down questions (even though it sounds simple) like "who were some of the leaders in Ancient Greece?" or "Were any leaders assasinated?" Even if the question is not answered in that section, having some questions to think about will help you concentrate more.

If you have trouble with tests, even if you feel you know the material, go to google and look up "test taking strategies." There are a million of them out there and you might find one that helps you. I usually take the tests backwards. No clue why it works for me. It just does.

Ask your teachers if you can re-write some of your work based off what they suggested in their comments on how to improve it. Realize this may be a time issue for the teacher as well, so they may decline it. But you may be able to bump up those points some. Not get full credit for it, but every point counts.

Others have given great advice here too. Let us know how it works out.

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