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I am not sure how to answer these questions because the source that I am using is a government one. bls. gov ooh (altered so I can submit my question.) I thank you for your help.

Directions: Answer the following questions using the source that you were given.

A. What is the source’s point of view?

B. Why does this make it a good source?
C. Is this source potent?

D. Why does this make it a good source?

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1 answer

    If it's written from the "I" point of view (which I doubt in a government source!), then it's 1st person point of view (pov).
    If it's written from the "you" pov (which I also doubt…), it's 2nd pov.

    Undoubtedly, it's written from one of the 3rd person pov's — but read the 3rd person entries on that webpage to decide which one.

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