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1. Write a ratio and a and a percent for the shaded area. (the area is 6x6 and the shaded area is 4x3)

My answer is 1/3 and 33.33

2.Model 25% on a 4x3 grid

My answer is the 3 shaded areas on the 4x3 grid.

3.Write the ratio as a percent.
In the second grade class, 19/25 students voted in favor of having a class picnic.

My answer is 76%

4.Write the decimal as a percent

My answer is 4%

5.write the percent as a decimal

My answer is .928

6.Order from Least to Greatest
.8, 7/8, 81%, 19/25.

My answer is 19/25, .8, 81% and 7/8

7.In a candy bar, 108 calories are from sugar. There are 240 calories in the candy bar. What percent of the calories are from sugar.

My answer is 60%

8.Write the fraction as a percent.

My answer is 66.7%

9. Write the fraction as a percent
5 2/5

My answer is 540%

There are more questions but these are the ones that im not positive about.

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  1. #7 ... less than half of the calories are from sugar

    check your answer

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