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How does this passage from the Ramayana reflect the Hindu value of dharma?

The passage emphasizes that a person's conduct, or good behavior, is what is most important.

The passage emphasizes that a person cannot escape his fate, or destiny.
The passage emphasizes that a person's spirit will remain after physical death.

The passage emphasizes that a person should not deny his grief, or sadness.

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5 answers
  1. What passage?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Ramayana, Canto LX
    No longer be their fate deplored,
    Nor thine, nor that of Kosal's lord,
    For conduct such as theirs shall buy
    Wide glory that can never die.
    For casting grief and care away,
    Delighting in the forest, they
    With joyful spirits, blithe and ,

    Set forward on the ancient way

    This is the passage

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  3. i think it's A

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  4. hmmmmmmmm iS iT tHoOoOo?

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  5. Its B ._. At least im pretty sure

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