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A sample of gas in a closed container at a temperature of 75◦C and a pressure of 6 atm is heated to 353◦C. What pressure does the gas exert at the higher temperature?

Answer in units of atm.

I got 28.24 and it's wrong

A gas has a pressure of 2.92 atm and occupies a volume of 5.5 L. If the gas is compressed to a volume of 2.61 L, what will its pressure be, assuming constant temperature?
Answer in units of atm.

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1 answer
  1. 1. Use (P1/T1) = (P2/T2).
    Many students forget to convert temperature from celsius to kelvin.
    kelvin = 273.15 + degrees C.

    2. Use P1V2 = P2V2

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