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1.Does language interfere with learning?

2.How does gender affect mathematics achievement?
3.Does mathematics achievement depend on the school location being either rural or urban?
4.What are the various process errors committed in mensuration?

Language can either support or interfere with learning, depending on the situation.

As for gender, see this site:

Rather than location, it is more related to the facilities and teachers available, which are lower in areas of lower socioeconomic status. Those schools with less financial support — urban or rural — are less likely to offer opportunities in math. Thus the math achievement is likely to lag when compared to other schools. I searched Google under the key words "rural urban math differences" to get these possible sources:
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For number 4, see the following site:

It seems like you have asked this question before. Please only ask the question once. If you want elaboration of a specific answer, it is better to respond to that answer.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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