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No, I don't think you should round the data.

The stems should probably be the numbers 13,14,15,...,19
Line them up like this with the leafs to the right
13 |9
14 |8,9
15 |2,8
You can finish it.
Starting the stems with 1 would accomplish nothing here. You can order the data to begin with, the order shouldn't matter when doing stats.

okay thank you for your help but the number go from 132-645, how would i number it that far

It probably depends on how many you have. If you have say 30, then you might just keep going by tens. Otherwise you might try stems of every 100. There really is lot of room for experimenting here.
The first thing you might do is create a histogram to get some idea of how the data is distributed.
BTW, I think you mentioned this was a side-by-side display. Are you meaning the same thing as a back-to-back display?
In that kind of display we compare two sets of data. We put the stems down the middle and put the leaves on either side like this
1,0 1x 2,3
This would be the display if 10, 11 were in set A and 12,13 were in set B.
Does this make sense? Observe that the leaves for the set on the left are written in increasing order from right to left, while those on the right are increasing from left to right.

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