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an airline flies two different planes over the same route. THe faster of the two plans travels at 540 miles per hour, and the toher plane tralves at 450 miles per hour. How many more can the faster plane travel in 12 seconds than the slower plane?

(Im sorry I have another question)

Eleven seconds after a deep sea diver jumps into the ocean he is 69 feet below sea level and 28 seconds later, he is 195 feet below sea level. If he is descending nder water at a constant rate, how many feet below sea level will he be 1.5 min after his initial descent?

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  1. just convert the speed difference (90 mi/hr) to mi/s by dividing by 3600 (the number of seconds in an hour)

    his dive rate is (195-69)/28 = 9/2 ft/s
    So, how many seconds more does he dive? Multiply that by 3/2 and addit to the 195 ft down where is is now.
    Or, you can devise the general depth equation using your two points:
    (11,-69) and (39,-195)
    using the two-point form for a line.
    and then plug in 90 seconds

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