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I asked this question earlier. I need to write 2 letters of complaint about problems I face at school and problems I face as a student in general but I can't find any problems, could you help me list some problems? Its really really urgent.

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  1. few people have already answered to your other post..check it

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  2. Are you getting the grades you want?

    Are all of your teachers scrupulously fair?

    Do you have too much homework?

    Do you resent the class system among the students?

    Would you get more sleep if your school day started a couple hours later?

    Is your locker large enough for your books and a heavy coat?

    Do you have enough time between classes?

    Is your lunch hour long enough?

    Does your cafeteria serve tasty and nutritious meals?

    Would you rather have shorter or longer class periods?

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  3. i agree with Ms.Sue that these are ALL problems students face

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