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You buy clothing at a sale you buy sneakers at 2/3 of their original price of $60 a sweater at 7/10 of its original price of $35 and a jacket at 56 of its original price of $45 how much money did you spend how much money did you say what fraction of the total original price did you save

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2 answers
  1. You spent 2/3 * 60 + 7/10 * 35 + 56/100 * 45 = $89.70
    You saved 1/3 * 60 + 3/10 * 35 + 44/100 * 45 = $50.30
    so, you saved 50.30/(60+35+45) = 0.36 or 36%

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  2. Thx I got 100%

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