A matatu left town k at 7.00am and travelled towards town M at an average speed of 60km/hr.A car left town M at 9.00am and travelled towards K at an average speed of 80km/hr. The distance between the two towns is 324km.A:find the time each vehicle arrived at their destination. B:the distance the matatu covered before the car started to move.C:the time the two vehicles met on the way....D:how far the car was from town k when they met?

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  1. At time t hours from 7:00, the distances traveled by the vehicles was
    Matatu: 60t
    Car: 80(t-2)
    Since the total distance between K and M is 324 km, when the vehicles meet, we have
    60t+80(t-2) = 342
    t = 251/70 = 3:35:08

    Matatu 7:00 + 324/60 = 12:24
    Car: 9:00 + 324/80 = 13:03

    I think B and C are now within your abilities...

  2. Plzz show me the working of b and c

  3. Show me the working of b&c

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