What a good topic from prehistory through the Enlightenment ages. Something interesting please.

Topic for what: a few paragraphs, a short paper, or a long term paper?

I always liked the history of witchcraft, the discovery of the solar system in which Earth was not the center, and the history of weapons of war.

It cant have any thing to do with united states, has to be something with Europe or Asia could be a person, important event, or whatever. It a 5 page topic

My interests are more about how and when prehistoric peoples migrated out of Africa and populated the globe. Maybe you could narrow this to the Native Americans arriving from Asia.

You could also compare and contrast two conquerors -- like Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar.

How about researching Boadicea, a great British woman warrior?

Intersting im thinking about the Africa one.
Do you think King Kamehameha if you type him in google you can see some info.
would he be able to be use?

Any more topic, I need at least 3 to choose from.

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  1. I think you have good ideas.

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