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Which statement about the slave trade is true?

1. European traders often went to Africa’s interior on slave raids
2. Some African leaders, such as Afonso, tried to end the slave trade, while others encouraged it***
3. The slave trade had minimal effect on west Africa in the 1600s and the 1700s
4. The middle passage was a relatively easy voyage to the Americas

which factor enabled Japan to pursue a policy of isolationism in the 17th century?
1. As a series of islands, Japan did not share borders with another country
2. Korea and Japan forged in alliance, which deterred interactions with other countries
3. Monksoons made Japanese cities impassable most of the year
4. The emperor centralized power, giving him control trade and military forces***

which statement is true about portuguese exploration?
1. Spain was the first emperor power to gain a foothold in Asia
2. Portugal seize the land of Goa, making it their major military and comercial bade
3. For most of the 1500s, Portugal not controlled the spice trade between Europe and Asia****
4. Italy was the first European country to challenge Portuguese domination of Asian trade in the 1500s

I’m kinda stuck with these and this is what I think they are, but I’m not sure. Can someone please help me?


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2 answers

  1. I agree with your first answer, but not the other two.

    Check your text.

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  2. Ssd

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