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1. la salle had conflics with which of the following groups of american indiands?

my answer is d

2. what happened when the spanish found the french colony
they engaged the french settlers in warfare and killed many of them
they gave the land to the french
they joined forces with the french
they were motivated to settle in other areas of texas
my answer is d, though i'm not sure

3. why did the spanish look for la salle's colony
to destroy in on orders of the king
to form an alliance
to learn new agriculture techniques
to join it
i dont have an answer, i read the text many times and cant find it, please help

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2 answers

  1. 1. D (Karankawa)
    2. D (They were motivated to settle in other areas of Texas)
    3. A (To destroy it on orders of the king)

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  2. Your answers are right, 3a.

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