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What in this sentence is a metaphor?

I have three candles here on the table which I disentangle from plants and light when visitors come. Small usually avoids them, although once she came too close and her tail caught fire; I rubbed it out before she noticed. The flames move light over everyone's skin, draw light to the surface of the faces of my friends. When the people leave I never blow the candles out, and after I'm asleep they flame and burn.

How can flames move, or draw <b/> light?

If I remember my grammar (and I seldom do), these are called "dead" metaphors. Dead metaphors typically relate physical action to an object which is not present, but the use of this mentioned physical action is seldom actually visualized by the reader.

Grasping ideas, strangling dissent, stomping minority views ...all are of the same vein.


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