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The _______ _______ allows congress to make laws to meet the changing needs of the nation.

Is it Supreme Court???

ammendment process

I would go with "Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution."

After looking at the question again and my response, I'm not really sure. It's probably been at least 5yrs since I read the constitution. I do know that the ammendment process is the most extreme example of changing the law, since it involves changing the founding document. But I'm pretty sure the answer is not supreme court as the poster suggested. There may be some other term describing the authority of the Congress to make and change laws, but I'm just not sure what it is right now.

I agree with economyst. The question is what "allows Congress to make laws..." and that is clear in Article I, Section 8. The amendment process is for changing the Constitution.



Would the term then be something like 'the legislative power' or 'power of legislation' or something similar?
I'm now quite sure it's not ammendment process as I posted initially.

Probably US Constitution or Article I Section 8 -- what do you think?


What is an example of a natural force that has chaged the land?

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